Angel (Circus Space 1)
Oil on board, 35.5 cm (14”) ⌀
£ 340

A photo of the Other Art Fair

Other Art Fair in October 2014
Photo by Aubrey Waddy
Last night, a vistor at last-week’s The Other Art Fair, Aubrey Waddy, sent a photo he took of me on my stand.

Aubrey had been interested in the movement shown in some of my pieces, the diptrych here, and also Acrobat which reminded him of a photo of a Jamaican high-jumper taken at this summer’s Commonwealth Games.

The pieces I showed at the fair can be seen on The Other Art Fair, October 2014

Oil Painting of Dinham Bridge (Repeat commission)

Last month I delivered a repeat comission – an oil painting, on canvas, showing one of the Ludlow bridges.

For this oil painting I chose Dinham Bridge, this time in the morning, viewed a little further down stream than the previous work.

Oil painting of Dinham Bridge seen from the Bread Walk

The Bread Walk is a path on the west or south-west side of the river Teme outside Ludlow.  The bridge here is Dinham Bridge which leads into the town, toward the castle.

Oil painting techniques used

The work is oil on canvas, mainly applied with a pallette knife – or a range of knives, and in one patch, scratched back (sgraffito) with a fork! Apart from the ground (oil primer) and a little glazing to help harmonize the colours and improve the water at the end I didn’t use a brush in this piece. The canvas I stretched myself.